Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Narcissism/Psychopathy3

Malignant Narcissism~ NO LONGER RECOMMENDED
One of S. Vaknin's multitudinous sites. He is a self-proclaimed "malignant narcissist", but he has just recently been diagnosed as a psychopath. He also distorts too much about NPD be credible. A caveat. Mr. Vaknin's Ph.D. is not in psychology [In fact, I just learned it is from a diploma mill.]. Please remember that the narcissist's worldview is aligned with his disorder. Mr. Vaknin pathologises the target/victim as may his followers by proxy ("followers by proxy" are defined as those who maintain BBs and Support Groups whose posted quotes by SV dominate their sites and other sites where they post). I do not recommend any MBs that are run by Mr. Vaknin, or any of his known followers or with which he is associated unless you want to chance being reabused. website stats

Game-Playing Love

"Narcissism, it turns out, has many ill-starred variants, and the so-called self-esteem movement may have been completely wrong in saying that a person who doesn't love herself or himself can't successfully love others."

How the AA 12 step model can fail those abused, traumatised. (IMO, so do most other models.)

Online Manipulation and Stalking
Useful information about online stalkers and manipulators- the strategies they use. What legal rights you possess and what action to take.

Cults and Brainwashing

In my experience online, a cult tells you how bad you are and how you need fixing; a cult breaks you down to build you up according to its twisted vision. The cult leader invariably is a psychopath/character disordered. This is an invaluable site for dipping into the cult world whether it's a group or one-on-one. And how safe are you online?

Recognising, Dealing With Narcissistic Forces
Whether it be in an institution/organisation or in a group, narcissistic pressures may come to bear on you. An article about what leadership truly means and how to recognise the narcissistic presence. Provides tools to deal with the challenge.

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