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FBI Profile of the Mental Rapist

Stop Net Abusers Archive

The following is transcribed from the written logs of a conversation that an individual from TalkCity had with an agent at the FBI. [Mental rape is the purview of the disordered and the abusive. All survivors have experienced this to some degree, imo. ~Invicta]

The Mental Rapist Enjoys Abusing Women:

~~ He abuses then backs off. After he has abused to a certain point he will back off and take note of his accomplishments.
~~If he is not satisfied that he has reached his desired level of control, he will step up the degree of abuse, coming back and swinging harder.
~~He has to win, and it is very important to him that he is always right.

He is Shy and Timid:

~~In real life he is shy, especially where three or more people are gathered.
~~He prefers one-on-one encounters that he can control.

He Hates and Loves Women at the Same Time:

Endless Cycle of Love/Hate with his Mother
~~This person was probably abused by his mother and then coddled. (For example: She would slap him in a violent rage and then love, cry and apologize.)
~~He probably hated his mother and loved her at the same time. The relationship with his mother was a never-ending cycle of love and hate that he could not control or stop.
~~He transposes these feelings to other women. He tries to create the same type of environment with other women.
~~This time he IS in CONTROL. Therefore, in his mind, he is controlling his mother through other women, surrogates of his mother.
~~He may have a wife. If so, he is a model husband. He needs one relationship with a female that is solid and wholesome; that is why he looks elsewhere for women to abuse.
~~He was disillusioned by an early love, so, in his mind, all women are liars and whores.
~~He was very much in love with someone once who he thought to be pure. The other person did not feel the same for him, and turned out not to be quite the virgin he thought her to be.
~~In his mind, if this ideal woman whom he thought was pure above all else, turned out not to be, then surely all other women must be liars and whores too. His mind is fixed on that as pure 100% fact and can not be changed.
~~His mother might have been the woman he loved and thought to be pure, and he may have found out that she had several affairs.
~~His biggest problem is simply that all women just won't admit that they are liars and whores.
~~When a woman does not submit to him and admit what he knows to be true (that she is a liar and a whore), he feels he is back in the unbreakable cycle of his mother again. This upsets him to the point of bursting forth with so much profanity.

Delusions of Superior Intellect

~~He considers himself to be mentally superior to all women.
~~He is sure he is smarter, because he knows all women are liars and whores, but he has to prove it by making them admit it.
~~This type of individual probably possesses an above-average I.Q.
~~He has engaged in this behavior many times and knows what avenues and shortcuts to take to reach his objective as soon as possible.

He is a Mental Combatant, not Physical

~~This type of person is not likely to use physical violence because he may not win. He is a mental combatant because he has learned to fight very well at that level and can always win to some degree in his own mind.
~~There are a few conditions in which he could be violent. Under the right circumstances this person could rape or beat a woman physically because of his dominant personality and if he felt he had to in order to prove his point.
~~He would probably not actually stalk a woman physically, but for sure might mentally via the internet.
~~The Internet is his preferred hunting ground. Remember, he is most likely very shy and timid in the real world and has low self esteem until he gets on the Internet. Then he is the MASTER of his domain.
~~If his victim lives in a different state, or very far away, she is probably safe from physical harm by him. The mental rapist does not need to go to that extreme to prove his point. It's much easier to go on the Internet with lots of prey to pursue.


Some FBI Advice for Online Chatters

~~DO NOT be so open and honest with every person that comes into a room.
~~NEVER under any circumstances give detailed information about your home address or city.
~~Never give out your phone number. KEEP all conversations about personal info as general as you can; a person that is just curious doesn't expect more and will soon forget.
~~GO with your instincts. Use "backing-off" behavior: If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, go to a friend and make conversation and slowly back away from the person that is bothering you; eventually ignoring him completely. If that fails to discourage the person, simply say goodbye and leave.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that the above information is provided to help victims understand the psychological make-up of the Mental Rapist or Cyberstalker. It is only a profile, and as such, there can be no guarantees to its accuracy. Nor can one say with certainty that any cyberstalker would fit this profile 100%. Neither the FBI nor Stop Net Abusers [nor this narcissism site ~Invicta] will be held accountable for violent or distressful actions accruing from such an individual. The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation , a Department of the Government of the United States of America, and has full ownership of the profiles it develops of the psychology of criminal natures. This site created and maintained by Stop Net Abusers Copyright © 1999, Stop Net Abusers, Inc. Created: 30 June 1999 Updated: 11 September 1999 f


IN_NEW_YORK said...

that describes my ex boyfrend a very lot.
Thankyou very much to all who helped make this. this website is going to help me alot-deff for sure. day in an out many thanks ladies and gentleman!

peachydolly said...

i think this describes mi ex boyfriend too bt im not sure. i spoke to him for the first time in a couple of months just now and i thort i was over him but i could feel myself falling for it all again :/ i'll give you some examples of what he said in the conversation and see if u agree that he is narcissistic?

- he was very willing to admit things were his fault i.e. th reasons we broke up, however i have since been to a therapist about it and had th all clear. whereas he has done nothing, despite promising to get help. he said he might go for counselling with me when we see each other again next semester

- he said hes changed loads since we've been apart, caring more for people.

-he said he hasnt fancied any girls and thought hardly at all about sex. i think he expectd me to like that fact but i just thought it was abit odd he hadnt even pleasured himslef in the 2months weve been apart!

- despite all this he didnt once suggest we got back together, he said he'd been reli down th last two months about it but just recently he startd feeling better (funny how it coincided with me getting in touch?)

- he said that he doesnt want a relationship with anyone again for years but that hes glad to have had me as a gf as im 'perfect' and 'made him a better person' (memememememe!) i ws really annoyed at this and explained that i wasnt his fricking guardian angel! he was then like 'well i've helped you too!' though couldnt really back that up with examples.

-he had real trouble making love to me and said that when he starts having sex again he plans to have it with girls he doesnt know

i feel that as hes so honest about some things maybe he is a recovering narcissist, but then it dawned on me that he is SO open about some things that maybe hes actually a REALLY CLEVER narcissist (or psychopath?) not really believing that he is in the wrong but overly admitting that he has these problems in order to get the desired reaction from me?

what dya reckon?

carolinacardinal said...

peachdolly honey, at your age (I assume a teenager) you shouldn't even have to worry about stuff like that, dating and having sex. take a break and things will be a lot more simple, lol...I told that to a friend of mine and within a couple months she got a good job and an apartment and a new doggie and everything! :)