Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mission: Help Yourself (Archive)

Welcome To Our World

This is a place for healing; a place for binding your wounds while binding the wounds of others. It all starts with questions, whether moral/spiritual/existential or practical, that relate to one's encounter with psychopaths or pathological narcissists. If you are in the midst of, or have left, a relationship with someone you suspect to be severely character disordered read carefully and thoughtfully. Objective psychological knowledge (NOT theory), and moral support, IMO, are the most important things, at first.

1) Discover if your encounter might be with a psychopath or character disordered narcissist.

2) If it sounds like there is or has been a psychopath/pathological narcissist in your life, learn as much as humanly possible about what you're dealing with; and it's a good way to emotionally detach. Links are provided and they lead to other links.

3) I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology* which helped me not at all in my encounters [and why should you believe me about the degree?]. However, I was trained rigorously to be discriminating in the psych articles I read- to read critically. Therefore, I cannot recommend certain sites while I can recommend others. This goes for books as well. I have a particular point of view which does not allow for the pathologising of survivors. Online, it is easy to trash survivors of abuse. I was targetted by a net psychopath which has given me some insight, and any views written by me, are strictly from my experiences and not from any books, unless stated otherwise.

4) I realise that informed consent is rare online, that most people just want a safe place. It can be difficult to assess the credibility of many psychological POVs unless trained to do so. Be careful out there, and don't believe everything and everyone you read.

5) Check credential claims of website owners and writers if possible when they present themselves as experts, even self-described survivors. It's easy to lie and to mislead on the web. And aren't you worth the best, not some 3rd rate guru wannabe?

My goal is to uphold the dignity of all wounded survivors wishing to recover who come to this site and/or visit others.

~ Invicta (M.A. Counseling Psychology), Manager

*Disclaimer: The mission of this site is stated clearly; it is a site for education, to provoke thought. All that is discussed on this site is derived from personal experience and insight unless indicated otherwise. The manager accepts no responsibility for any action taken by readers of this site.


motorblade said...

I just spent 9 days with my sister-in-law and her family and thought I was losing my mind until I googled narcissism and found this site. The list of symptoms made me gasp; they fully describe every trait this woman exhibits.

Another sister-in-law and I spent the afternoon yesterday discussing whether we would ever again be motivated to spend time with the N, or if the experience is too toxic for either of us to endure. It is very freeing and reassuring to get confirmation that our reactions are completely normal.

The healing has begun. Thank you so very much.

Anonymous said...

I have been living with my narcissistic mother for about a year now. I was living with friends as soon as I turned 18 but at 19 I moved back in for financial, and sometimes emotional reasons (not quite ready to be on my own)For the first six months, life was good (my mother was calm). Lately, my mother has been having episodes of extreme manipulative behavior. In turn I've had more anxiety attacks than I've every had in my life. Her narcissism (doctors say bipolar, maybe shes both I DONT KNOW, but she matches narcisistic symptoms to a T) has left me depressed and alone. I'm finally reaching out for support and I hope to post more of my pain on this forum as I grow on the way to healing. Thanks everybody

Anonymous said...

so where is the archive?? =x