Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aftermath and Recovery

Self-EsteemVsSelf-Respect "The Power Lies in the Difference". Cogent and persuasive argument against obsessing about "self-esteem" as the way to healing according to pop psychology. It can hinder instead of heal. Instead, know what you stand for.

SymptomsofTRAUMA Fabulous site for describing trauma- the stress that comes from our encounter with a disordered person. Are your feelings numb, are your emotions chaotic, do you feel like you're not in your body......? Do you feel destroyed, with nothing left to give?

Invalidation Insight into emotional intelligence and sensitivity and how that factors into how we feel about ourselves and our place in life. As with all sites, think critically! I found the conclusions a bit pathologising ( I think one can transcend invalidation) but related to much of it.

CodependencyIdea:WhenCaringBecomesADisease The Codependency Idea Pathologizes the Natural Tendency to Care for Others....~Robert Westermayer, Ph.D.

HowPTSDFunctions Enlightening, detailed view of what happens to our functioning.

SurvivingCrisisStage Everything you need to know to keep you grounded as you go thru the shock, or PTSD. This too shall pass.

EmotionalIssuesAfterMindgames "The following problems and emotions are common with survivors, and normal".

"The "quick tips" in this article are based on proven principles from the field of anxiety management and can be surprisingly effective, offering temporary relief to "tide you over" till you can seek out a more systematic attack on your anxiety." Good for PTSD.

EmotionalAbuseRecovery Fabulous site- comprehensive and thorough. Basically walks you thru stages of healing from shock and anxiety onwards. Many great tips. You don't have to be Christian to use them. Abuse is abuse.

Starting Over Being single again is difficult. Step-by-step movement into life again. It's hard enough splitting from the disordered; you also have to learn to live with the split. "Single life starts out bad and gets better and better". Sensible advice and impressive knowledge of the traumatic aftermath.

Regret and WellBeing Healing by exercising our hearts! A very simple Buddhist way to healing for all of us!

A Meaningful Life
Emphasises the soul and wholeness.

Mystically oriented- Kabbalah, and Hasidic philosophy for the ordinary person.

No matter what your spiritual or religious orientation, there is something for everyone.

Brief meditations to refresh and renew. Both audio and audio-visual to transport and centre you in a better place.

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