Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PUSH: Letting Go

How's that for a contradiction in terms?

thegiven, as a long term survivor, has written a wise article on what it means to hope and pray, and to let go and let things and life be.
~Invicta 10/03

PUSH from the journals of thegiven

Before you jump to conclusions about what this page is about, first hear me out. My reason in making this the second most important page down from my welcome, is that it's very important to me that PUSH is understood.

First of all let me explain my swing on how I see faith. I'm not what I would consider Christian, yet I am not an Atheist. I'm not Wiccan, nor Jewish, nor any other formal religion. My faith is that there is simply a POWER. Be it a power of light, or the power of free will in your body and mind. I believe that as an individual, we all have Souls, and that we are linked by whatever power there exists around us. Tapping into this power requires your releasing yourself and letting this energy lead you. BUT! And this is a very big but, I believe that we can control it. Controlling it requires deep concentration, and a belief that what you want you will get. BUT! And this is another big but, that what you pray for will come literally, complete with ramifications and a new challenges. Nothing is free in life. There is always a give and take.

When I talk of "concentration" I'm talking about Prayer. There's so many books and information on the internet about how Prayer does really work. This comes from all faiths and religions. If you pray to a rock, and believe in what you pray for, then you may very well get what you want. Thus, we have, PUSH! Pray Until Something Happens.... believe me when I say that this view was given to me. I firmly believe to this day that someone or something, an extreme emergy or power, let me know about PUSH.

It's for this reason, that many people call me, Spiritual. Maybe I am. I think when abused people begin to ask why and they begin to ask that the pain be taken away, that all of us become "Spiritual". During the last 3 years, I have turned to prayer so many times. It works, it makes you feel less alone. It gives you hope. BUT! And here is that large 3 lettered word again. "Hope" can also be our downfall. Hope can lead you to hang on to something that simply will not be provided.

Here's the twist. It's become apparent if something is meant to be then it will, if something is allowed it will, and if something is unattainable it will never be yours. Whether you believe in God or whatever, my feeling is that your life path is laid out from the time you were born. If you do not allow the energy around you to take full control and you try and steer the boat alone, using only hope, to guide you then you might be wanting forever. Hope is good, but you have to move forward, let a higher power take care of what we cannot and concentrate on you!

Never let "Hope" take over your life. I learned this the hard way. During the very early days when my wife had an affair and then when I found out that she was NPD, I would pray for hours. I wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, etc. in the end it almost killed me. Then it came to me that you can pray, and pray so much and whenever you wish, but don't let your living stop. You have to move forward and tend to you, or else what you "Hope" and "PUSH" for will be for nothing!

Now you're probably thinking that I am slightly Wacko, well I'm not. I just wanted everyone that comes here to know my spin on faith. Boards contain so many members who have different beliefs, I felt it was time to explain mine.

So, PUSH! When you feel that life is getting way too hard!

Reproduced with permission.


Tracy Davis said...

I feel the same way. And just wanted to let you know your website (other one-i think) has helped save my life.

KathieP said...

You are so, so right! Hope can keep you hanging on FAR beyond your time. I was in a rel'ship for the last 9 years - dating for 1, married for 4, separated for 1, and then "hoping to reconcile" for the last 3. I have wasted SO much time HOPING! I am just beginning to LIVE! Thanks for posting your perspective!

Jess said...

This is exactly how I feel. Not wacko, but I always think everyone will think I am wacko too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I prayed for enlightenment and found this website...Yes, prayer does work. Thank you , Angela B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog!!! Im coming out of this situation currently I appreciate this blog